Guest Posts

I write technical articles, reviews, white papers, datasheets, and much more. Below are the links to some of my published work.

Spacelift: How to Manage Github with Terraform

Spacelift: Scaling AWS Infrastructure - Tools and Features

Spacelift: Terraform Secrets: How to Manage Them (Tutorial)

Spacelift: AWS Cost Optimization - Best Practices and Tools

Spacelift: Terraform Lookup Function - Syntax and Examples

Spacelift: Terraform Drift - How to Detect and Manage it

Spacelift: Terraform Files - How to Structure a Terraform Project

Spacelift: How to Implement GitLab CI/CD Pipeline with Terraform

Spacelift: Terraform with Jenkins - How to Manage Workflows

Spacelift: Using Terraform Registry - Providers, Modules & Publishing

Spacelift: How to Manage Terraform S3 Backend - Best Practices

Spacelift: How to Manage Multiple Terraform Environments Efficiently

Spacelift: 7 Most Useful Infrastructure as Code Deployment Tools

Spacelift: What are Terraform Workspaces? Overview with Examples

Spacelift: Terraform Validate Command - Validate Configuration Locally

Spacelift: 8 Popular Terraform Alternatives You Should Know in 2023

Spacelift: 5 Most Useful CI/CD Tools for DevOps in 2023

Spacelift: Terraform Provisioners: Why You Should Avoid Them

Spacelift: How to Build AWS VPC using Terraform - Step by Step

Spacelift: Terraform Taint, Untaint, Replace - How to Use It (Examples)

Spacelift: Terraform Tutorial - Getting Started With Terraform on AWS

Spacelift: What are Terraform Templates? Examples and Use Cases

Spacelift: Terraform vs. Ansible: Key Differences and Comparison of Tools

Spacelift: Destroy Command - How to Destroy Resources from Terraform

Spacelift: How To Use Terraform Variables (locals, input, output, environment)

Spacelift: Importing Existing Infrastructure into Terraform - Step by Step

Medium: Meta-Arguments for Terraform

Medium: Beginner’s Guide to Terraform AWS Compute (Part 2)

Medium: Beginner’s Guide to AWS Storage Using Terraform

freeCodeCamp: How to Optimize your AWS Cloud Architecture Costs

freeCodeCamp: What is Terraform? Learn Terraform and Infrastructure as Code

freeCodeCamp: Learn Basic Terraform Syntax in 20 Minutes

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