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In this newsletter, I talk about Cloud, DevOps, Architecture, and Programming. I send out weekly - themed - newsletter, which covers various aspects about a specific tech or tool in the domains above, with an intension of providing a wholesome growth to you with respect to:

  1. Best practices

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  4. Patterns

Each of the newsletter delivery also delivers the food for thought for the rest of the week. I also keep you updated about various resources being published on this blog, e.g. free booklets, books, social media, additions in paid subscriptions, and offers. Potentially, it would also include announcements regarding products and services.

I will be launching “Solo-X” on this blog from the beginning of 2024, which will be an exclusive newsletter for paid subscribers. This newsletter will contain BTS and other details about what it takes to run a solo business in tech. I will be gladly sharing my mistakes and lessons learnt over the period, while I set up and expand my tech shop.

In general, I am interested in having a conversation with you, and also keen to exchange answers to our questions.


I see a lot of wasted potential in most of the techies who just end up doing their jobs all their life. While on one hand Tech has been a cornerstone for humanity’s progress, on the other hand people have these dormant dreams lying in the corners of their lives.

I can’t imagine, but wonder, if all the Techies out there really had the will to put their skills to greater use, what could yesterday’s future, i.e. today, have looked like?


  1. if you are one of those,

  2. or if you have already realised the above fact, but not sure where or when to begin,

  3. or if you have already begun,

  4. or if you have already created wonders,

  5. or if you want to follow along anyway,

I urge you to subscribe to my blog where I share my journey. With 12+ years of corporate circus, things have finally started to fall in place. I hope the content I share with you inspires you enough to take on your own adventure. I don’t mind to be your cheerleader.

Together, we would launch, fail, learn lessons, relaunch, and keep repeating the cycle to build meaningful products in Tech business.

I have just begun, and I plan to share blogs, newsletters, resources, courses and more. Subscribe!

I am keen on listening to your thoughts, comments, emails, DMs.

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